身在福中 Living in happiness (S的第270-271封信) 23/08/2013

B-side VU—Trilogy of Malalikap 2 Suite d’amour B面絲絨—瑪拉利卡三部曲 第2部 戀曲


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J的第275封信 2013823 上午6:10 收件人:S

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身在福中(S的第270封信2013823 下午7:32  收件人:J

Living in happiness (S’s 270th letter) 23/08/2013 PM7:32 addressee: J








我是一般人,  不知道刑事再議狀是不是上訴的關鍵文件,但那內容,難道就不能寫得更詳細一些?怕就怕法官連附件都可能懶得看呢!




連我找房子搬家,一個月的時間都覺得有點趕,更何況是你這樣規模的一家餐廳。 只給你幾天時間限期搬家,根本說不過去 






今天這樣風雨不停的時刻,讀著信..讓我只想聽,也找來了ARCAEndormir les hommes 反覆播放,剛開始Youtube連線都斷斷續續的,跟我聽絲絨組曲播放時很不順而一再重覆很像,最像的,其實是心情吧。







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J的第276封信 2013823 下午8:15 收件人:S

J的第277封信 2013823 下午8:22 收件人:S

J的第278封信 2013823 下午9:56 收件人:S

J的第279封信 2013823 下午10:12 收件人:S

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身在福中(S的第271封信2013823 下午11:59  收件人:J

Living in happiness (S’s 271st letter) 23/08/2013 PM11:59 addressee: J







Wildfire (by Michael Murphy, from “Blue Sky—Night Thunder”, 1968)


American folk song “Wildfire”—From “Never Come Back – California Wildfire Suite” to a new life in Suite of I’ll Tell You A Story” AKA WildfireNew Folk Suite”

Wildfire is from American singer-songwriter Michael Murphy’s album Blue Sky—Night Thunder, released in 1975. as the album’s leading single, Wildfire became Murphey’s highest-charting Pop hit in the United States.

Murphey and Cansler co-wrote “Wildfire" in 1968, shortly after Murphey emerged as a solo artist. Earlier in the decade he had been part of a duo known as the Lewis & Clark Expedition. In 2008, Murphey talked about the origins of the song Wildfire and the context in which it was written. He believes the song came to him from a story his grandfather told him when he was a little boy — a prominent Native American legend about a ghost horse. Murphey didn’t have a horse named Wildfire until a few years before the interview.

Wildfire was selected by Jobson as the 7th track in his early VU Suite: “《Never Come Back – California Wildfire SuiteNever Come Back –California加州野火組曲》, title named by Sumika in 2012, and counted by Sumika as the 20th VU Suite of Jobson’s works. Jobson never named it. Since 2014, this VU Suite wasn’t broadcasted in VU Live House website no more. It was disintegrated by Jobson.

So here【The Velvet Underground Taipei Story】is the only place to hear the old tracks of ancient VU Suites. That’s why here this website has a subtitle: La version la plus rare de notre VU Live House Taipei. It’s maybe the first time for you but not the last time to encounter the old tracks of Jobson’s VU Suites here.

Never Come Back – California Wildfire Suite” is a collection of 1970’s – 80’s pop rock music with soft rock bands from England, America, Germany…After the disintegration, several songs of the “Never Come Back – California Wildfire Suite” were selected again by Jobson in another new VU Suites:

Wildfire (by Michael Murphy) →”Suite of I’ll Tell You A Story”(《I’ll Tell You A Story—光陰的故事組曲》= the original version of “WildfireNew Folk Suite新民謠組曲”, title renamed by Jobson in 2017.)

Don’t Say We Are Over (by Harlow) →“Suite of Fun Time—Jealousy”(《Jealousy—歡樂年華組曲》 = “80’s 華麗金屬搖滾組曲 V”, renamed by Jobson in 2017.)

Fool (If you think it’s over) (by Chris Rea) → ”Shimmering Bagatelle—A strange kind of love” (《微光小品組曲—A strange kind of love= the original version of “Folk Suite IX—70’s Pop Folk”, renamed by Jobson in 2017, then renamed by Jobsonin 2018:《A Summer’s Day in Winter—American Folk Suite》.)

Since 2014, Jobson himself created several new VU Suites of this genre of lyrical rock, and focus on 1980’s soft rock & pop rock. As usual, Sumika is the first person who gives each VU Suite a title (and subtitle) while the debut broadcasting in VU Live House Taipei website, long before the naming by Jobson himself.

48 VU Suite 春浪流金組曲 Wave of Spring Love 80 華麗金屬搖滾組曲 III

After the 1980’s pop rock series, another extended works of 1980’s dancing ballads of the disco night club are created by Jobson. special memories for someone like Jobson living their campus life and the fun youth with these ballads.

The images here are all designed by Sumika: for the 20th VU Suite, for the 48th VU Suite & the 50th VU Suite and the 53rd VU Suite of Jobson’s works.

50 VU Suite Jealousy 歡樂年華組曲 80's 華麗搖滾組曲 V (2)

Please refer to the articles written by Sumika about this VU Suite in the column of ✺ “Holding on the souls of Multitude—Master Jobson’s VU Suites” (【托住眾生的靈魂—組曲大師Jobson的絲絨組曲】)and Jobson’s article posted in the column of “Essay of Velvet”(【絲絨漫談】)in the official website of Velvet Underground Taipei and the articles posted by Jobson Hiiao in VU Live House Facebook and Jobson Hiiao Facebook.

Master Jobson's VU Suites

美國民謠歌曲Wildfire(野火)—從Never Come Back –California加州野火組曲》到I’ll tell you a story 光陰的故事組曲》的新生命,或者Wildfire — New Folk Suite新民謠組曲》

Michael Murphy的Wildfire(野火)被Jobson選入他早期編製的一支流行搖滾系列絲絨組曲中的第7首歌:由Sumika在2012年命名為《Never Come Back –California加州野火組曲》,後來Sumika再加上Never Come Back,並為之編號為Jobson 的第20支絲絨組曲。Jobson始終未重新命名過,且2013年8/18-8/25當週播放,是這支組曲最後一次在地下絲絨VU Live House官網播放,此後Jobson將這支組曲拆解,其中幾首歌分別重新選入其他組曲。

Wildfire是《Never Come Back –California加州野火組曲》命名的主因之一。Wildfire這首歌一開始的歌詞:“She comes down from Yellow Mountain/ On a dark, flat land she rides/ On a pony she named Wildfire.” Michael Murphy在2008年訪談提到創作由來,與他小時聽祖父講述美國印地安先住民的鬼馬故事有關。請參照前一篇貼文後精選曲介紹文章: “天蠍馬匹Wildfire、新民謠到Then Came The Last Days of May組曲…"

而這第20支組曲被Jobson拆解後,與組曲中California同樣充滿民謠氣息的Wildfire被Jobson重新選入2015年新編的《I’ll tell you a story 光陰的故事組曲》。

後者這支民謠風格清新的新編組曲,2015年播放的版本布局結構扎實飽滿,堪稱精彩亮眼。2015年8月1日首播時,Sumika立刻命名為《I’ll tell you a story 光陰的故事組曲》,並寫了一篇聆樂的信件給Jobson。只是到了2016年以後,被Jobson重新微調改版,並為縮水後的版本重新命名為Wildfire — New Folk Suite新民謠組曲》

Sumika鍾愛的《I’ll tell you a story 光陰的故事組曲》可視為《Wildfire — New Folk Suite新民謠組曲》的前身,或者稱之為《Wildfire — New Folk Suite新民謠組曲》的原型版本更貼切。

53 VU Suite 光陰的故事組曲-Suite of I'll Tell You A Story Wildfire -New Folk Suite VU logo Jobson (3)

(《I’ll tell you a story 光陰的故事組曲》: Sumika為此第53支絲絨組曲特別設計了兩款藝術封面,此為其一。這支Sumika摯愛的絲絨組曲,其實是Jobsone重新增刪修改後命名《Wildfire — New Folk Suite新民謠組曲》的原型版本。本網站上面所貼所有的絲絨組曲封面都由Sumika設計:第20支絲絨組曲、第48支絲絨組曲、第50支絲絨組曲、第53支絲絨組曲。)

請參照︰Jobson在他的台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳 VU Live House Taipei官網【絲絨漫談】單元撰寫和VU Live House地下絲絨 Facebook、Jobson Hiiao Facebook所發表的文章,以及本網站Sumika所寫【托住眾生的靈魂——組曲大師Jobson的絲絨組曲】單元簡介本組曲文章、〈關於【托住眾生的靈魂】〉、【B面絲絨 瑪拉利卡三部曲 第一部序曲 第二部戀曲】等單元。

20 VU Suite Never Come Back-California 加州野火組曲


絲絨組曲名稱Sumika & Jobson命名對照之3 第41-47支絲絨組曲 (41-47)

S的第4封信 地下絲絨今何在? 22/04/2012

S的第9封信 革命將至 L’insurrection qui vient 19/05/2012

象牙門之夢 7 悲莫悲兮 vs 樂莫樂兮 6/06/2012

萬難不折 —地下絲絨今何在? (S的第38-39封信) 4, 7/07/2012

象牙門之夢35 如果沒有明天 If there is no tomorrow 21/11/2012

永遠支持你,Here and there, now and always (S的第171封信) 18/12/2012

絲絨組曲命名對照表之4 Sumika & Jobson命名 第48-52支絲絨組曲(No 48-52)

身在福中Living in the happiness (S的第268-269封信) 22/08/2013



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