La voix nue—〈不負絲絨不負君〉

裸聲書 — 〈不負絲絨不負君〉:

La Voix Nue — “I’ll never betray you. Neither will I betray VU" is including Sumika’s poems and suites of music for Jobson Hsiao. Tout en hommage à Jobson et VU Live House Taipei.

第一首詩 將靜默贈予聆聽之前  ──  獻給親愛的 Jobson   by Sumika   21 October 2012

將靜默贈予聆聽之前 獻給親愛的Jobson by Sumika 1

First Poem : Like the deep echo of silence owe to the fall

Like the deep echo of silence  owe to the fall —- Dedicated to dear Jobson by Sumika


Then, only listening to a song, how you’ve given it to all ears? 



“The Man Who”—“ Writing to Reach You”, is always there.

Or, Reading to touch you. Who will respond?

May not those northern lyrics, but beyond them

Silence remains the supreme track.


However, autumn is falling, once again in love

like the deep echo of silence…owe to the fall.

Before ending today’s end

is ready, the key of today of your life’s door?


The Decorative Project of your dream

is the place of those clues, if not on your stage?

Rain or shine, holding on…this open mind

Thus your own style comes

Your songs. Your words. Always keep your tone.


Listening is the poor way to reach you, without sign

Ears will be certain, indeed.

Till the end of the season, the velvet soul stands

not late, not next,

just tonight, between dawn and words broken.

For, to come is to go, and silence leads all. Listen,

A supreme done that can’t be undone is hard to regret yet.


Variation of suites

Talking to the wind, reading between lines

a beam of the smiles is gazing right.

Surrounding in all notes,

as the parallels fountain pen attending to the falling soul,

they knew with delight.

May not only the ephemeral echo I lean on, but beyond all

your new suite, as a gift, remains bright.


Mind Reader, without sign

Fly over high and good-bye

High although good-bye.


La Voix Nue page 定版20180304

詩作 〈不負絲絨不負君〉

I’ll never betray you. Neither will I betray VU.   Poem by Sumika    6. April 2017

Last poem:

I'll not betray you Poem correct




Além Do Sol (by Sabrina Malheiros, from Album New Morning),is selected by Jobson as 4th track in his VU Suite Bossa Nova II. In 2012, Jobson dedicated the Trilogy of Bossa Nova Suites to Sumika in his website VU Live House and Facebook. Sumika gave these cherished Bossa Nova Suites such names as:

1 “First Suite of Trilogy Bossa Nova Sunshine Seashore”, ( equal to Bossa Nova I)

2 “Suite d’Amour, Suite II of Trilogy Bossa Nova Sunshine Seashore” (Bossa Nova II)

3 ”Rose Suite, Suite III of Trilogy Bossa Nova Sunshine Seashore” (Bossa Nova III)


cf. Holding on the souls of multitude — Master Jobson’s VU Suites】postes about Bossa Nova Suites.

Além do Sol from sabadosom

(photo above : A picture tells the desperate vicissitude of the Velvet Underground Taipei Story between Jobson and Sumika. It was first appeared in a letter where  the link of youtube sent by Jobson for Sumika was “Além Do Sol“, the 4th track of Bossa Nova 2 (see below the youtube) in 2012. Yet in 2016, it was posted by Jobson in the home page of Velvet Underground Taipei VU Live House website as the jacket or cover photo for the VU Suite Bossa Nova 4. ) 

這首Além Do Sol〈陽光外〉是由巴西Bossa Nova音樂創作者莎碧琳娜.馬賀柔絲所唱。Além Do Sol是被選入絲絨組曲的Bossa Nova 2(即Sumika命名的《陽光海岸三部曲之2 情愛組曲》)中第四首歌。2012年夏天,Jobson連續推出Bossa Nova系列組曲送給SumikaJobson發表於VU Live House Website & VU Live House FacebookSumika後來為Bossa Nova三部曲一一命名。


(這張海灘照片,道盡組曲滄桑和人事錯遷的台北地下絲絨故事。最初照片出現在Jobson2012年9月24日寄給Sumika信件(“新的陽光海岸三部曲"書信群)時連結youtubeAlém Do Sol影片中。到了20169月,台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳官網VU Live House Taipei 播放Bossa Nova 4 組曲時,卻成為Bossa Nova 4組曲的封面,而非Bossa Nova 2)


請參見【托住眾生的靈魂組曲大師Jobson的絲絨組曲】單元的Bossa Nova系列組曲介紹及〈Além Do Sol 從巴西故事到台北故事〉。 


 Além Do Sol 〈陽光外〉by Sabrina Malheiros 


陽光三部曲 Trilogy of Sunshine

新的陽光海岸三部曲  (S的第90-92封信)

新的陽光海岸三部曲 (S的第100-102封信)


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