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Cruel Rock VU

On justice we live and will to truth of The Velvet underground Taipei VU Live House.

B-side VU.Trilogy of Malalikap with Jobson.

Dream of Gate of IvoryApocalypse of cruel rock Taipei VU Live House

Holding on the souls of multitude—Master Jobson’s VU Suites

Ville Invisible, VU invisible.Remember the days…A la recherche du temps perdu…

I’ll never betray you. Neither will I betray VU

La voix nue de Sumika en Hommage à Jobson et the Velvet Underground Taipei Live House.




 看不見的城市、看不見的絲絨‧ 追憶絲絨似水年華‧

不負絲絨不負君‧ 永遠的絲絨尋音人.

致敬Jobson與台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳.珍版裸聲書 Sumika的組曲


精選1Baby Come Back (by Player), selected by Jobson in his VU Suite.

In 2012, Sumika gave this suite a name: Forget Her- Baby Come Back Suite. 

Finally, for Sumika, this old sad VU Suite become " Suite of Adieu-Forget Her“.  In 2017, Jobson renamed this beloved VU Suite as: “70’80’ Pop Rock Suite—Back to the old days”.


B-side VU—Trilogy of Malalikap

✺  絲絨之問.象牙門之夢  

On justice · dream of Gate of Ivory


Holding on the souls of multitude—Master Jobson’s VU Suites

✺   裸聲書〈不負絲絨不負君〉Jobson 及台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳致敬之Sumika的組曲  

La voix nue—I’ll never betray you. Neither will I betray VU. 

Suite of Sumika en Hommage à Jobson et VU Live House Taipei

地下絲絨今何在? Sumika’s first letter to Jobson



One article one song :A featured song will be presented with an article in (almost) each post of this website with a link of youtube or soundcloud app….etc. Each featured song is often related to the article or selected in the VU Suite broadcasted the same week of the article. In fact, in the most common state, when Sumika wrote these letters or diaries, she didn’t yet know the names of the featured songs of VU Suites.

   The Ivory Gate Of Dreams: I. Innocence (by Fates Warning, Album “No Exit“, 1988)

(This song Innocence is not in any Jobson’s VU Suite)


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