On justice · dream of Gate of Ivory

絲絨之問 象牙門之夢 簡介與文章索引

Introduction and Index of On Justice Dream of Gate of Ivory                                      

絲絨之問 On justice1

(photo source: VU Live House website in 2012)            

On justice we live. In music we love.

On JusticeDream of Gate of Ivory】contains Sumika’s diary from 18 april 2012, after Jobson’s reply for her first letter.

A lonely dream and constant thinking around the Justice, including Jobson’s long and hard struggle for justice against the famous Eslite Company, and feelings of love of music—especially her love for Jobson’s VU Suites broadcasted every week in The Velvet Underground Taipei VU Live House website, in the diaries, also collected her reflection on friendship, life and love—No matter what happens. Love remains much longer than hate.

To love music is to love Jobson. On justice we live. In music we love.   Sumika       


On JusticeDream of Gate of Ivory】Index: 2012     /  written by Sumika (愛嘉)

Part 1: ( From the writting of 18.April 2012 to 31 December 2012)

 1 地下絲絨 (夢之第0部〈我母親的提箱〉(within “My Mother’s suitcase” )
2 I talk to the wind
3 刺點 Punctum
4 How you’ve learned not to hate so much
5 Lost in internet
6 Still lost in internet
7 悲莫悲兮vs.樂莫樂兮
8 禪語
9 亡友
10 Surprise from J
11 Before July Morning
12 只讓玫瑰  每年為他而開
13 七夕的幸福時間
14 正義組曲週
15 再次猝醒
16 遙遠時空之間的碰觸
17 5th month of VU
18 獻曲-l’un pour l’autre
19 陽光海岸三部曲
20 心交-En affectant
21 我應該昭告世人嗎?
22 擁有與穿越
23 醒來的一縷殘夢
24 學習花朵,輕快前進
25 鐘鼓樂之
26 生日紫衣與玫瑰組曲
27 隨時可以出發的幸福
28 同向而往
29 縮限聆聽
30 以幽黯的黑…現身
31 始卒。螺旋,
32 沒有人拉住她嗎?
33 誰會告訴我們活著的理由呢?
34 勇者的光環下
35 如果沒有明天
36 二十三年後-善於記憶,巧於遺忘
37 另一種方式話歸來
38 托住眾生的靈魂
39 從此海角天涯
40 This is where the story ends
41 不是虛擬主題 Not a virtual subject – Baby come back

20130325 我要寫一整本關於你和我的絲絨故事 VU Story

Introduction ofOn JusticeDream of Gate of IvoryPart 2 :

Part 2 contains Sumika’s diary from 25 March 2013, the anniversary of The Velvet Underground Taipei Story of Jobson & Sumika, to spring 2015. The writing of this part 2 goes parallel and simultaneously of Part 2 Suite d’Amour ofB-side VU- Trilogy of Malalikap. Some of Sumika’s diary regarding the Justice in 2014 were sent to Jobson later by email via scanning. Please see below the index of Part 2.

絲絨之問象牙門之夢 愛嘉日記第二部 簡介及索引

書寫時間線,從Sumika重拾鋼筆,在2013年3月25日繼續寫下擱置已久的日記,一直到2015年初春四月為止。這一部分也與【B面絲絨—瑪拉利卡三部曲 2 戀曲】是平行且重疊的同一時期。Sumika在2014年的親筆手寫日記裡多次關於正義主題的思索,也隨後以掃描方式直接email寄給Jobson。

Index of Part 2 (since 25 March 2013 – )  / written by Sumika (愛嘉) :

42 一年後,地下絲絨今何在? After one year, is VU The Velvet Underground Taipei still there?
43 讓生命與春雨更充沛  Let the life and spring rain be much more abundant
44 Lettre à J
45 一個女人與五本大象或者生命之詩 The Woman with the 5 Elephants, or Poetry of Life
46 狗魚的話 The words of Esox
47 八月陽光四月雨  Sun in August, Rain in April
48 It’s fine to be here? Or go far
49 If loving you is wrong, I don’t wat to be right
50 霧深之處-Misty Blue組曲 In the deep mist – Misty Blue Suite 
51 Malalikap 瑪拉利卡
52 引(用)語Quatation
53 Again with you
54 山之音 The Sound of The Mountain
55 如在天堂-新的古典搖滾組曲 Like in Heaven—Close to the edge Classic Rock Suite
56 讓我的沉默也成為一種啟示 Let my silence become a revelation
57 Wicked Game 邪惡的愛情遊戲
58 Invention的再發現  Invention of Invention
59 有所思 Thinking about
60 J’ai…
61 唯不忘相思 Only the lonely love for you in my life
62 絲絨墜入黑暗滿3個年頭 It has been 3 years when VU Live House Taipei was falling into the dark by force
63 留不住一切親愛的 Hold nothing dear
64 Malalikap again 再度的瑪拉利卡
65 我們在此相遇、相見歡 Here is where we meet, meet with joy

(the writing of 2014 to be continued…)

41 VU Suite 絲絨安魂曲 - Requiem as a light in the dark Lovers in a Red Sky (1)


One article one song : 本網站上的每篇文章末尾處都會附上至少一首精選歌曲: 與該封書信或日記或音樂欣賞文章相關的曲子 (絕大多數出自Jobson絲絨組曲中的樂曲) 此處與本業面內容呼應的精選曲雖不是台北地下絲絨組曲中的曲子而是美國搖滾樂團地下絲絨 The Velvet Underground with Nico的 Nico在1981年所唱的德語歌曲 “Reich der Träume" .

a featured song will be presented with an article in (almost) each post of this website with a link of youtube or soundcloud app…etc. Each featured song is often related to the article or selected in the VU Suite broadcasted the same week of the article. In fact, in the most common state, when Sumika wrote these letters or diaries, she didn’t yet know the names of the featured songs of VU Suites.

夢境:  Reich der Träume (album “Lüül", 1981, with Nico, written by Lutz Ulbrich)

(Even this song Reich der Träume is not selected by Jobson in any VU Suite, but for Sumika of Velvet Underground Taipei Story, Nico the former singer of The Velvet Underground and stories during the collaboration with Lou Reed and the lyrics  means a lot.)

Sumika's diary 20120826 l'un pour l'autre1


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