B-side VUTrilogy of Malalikap between Jobson and Sumika


Malalikap” is a two-way verb of Payuan language, which is one of the native language of Taiwanese aborigine. “Malalikap” refers a close inter-action and bidirectional circular communication.

Sumika kept with Jobson Hsiao (Jobson Hiiao), the owner of former Restaurant Velvet Underground Taipei VU Live House, such kind relationship and communication of friendship and love for music, by writing to each other for more than 300 thousand words of correspondence, by offering each other music suites and sharing their feelings about music suite-composing, about life and the long and hard struggle for justice against the famous Eslite Company.

“Malalikap” become a key word between Jobson and Sumika. Their correspondence is a real malalikap. In The Velvet Underground Taipei Story, it’s the “Trilogy of Malalikap between Jobson and Sumika”. It’s the reason why the epistolary style of writing dominat the literary genre of The Velvet Underground Taipei Story.

Yet, we can read only all Sumika’s letters to Jobson. So this category of writing is called:

B-side VUTrilogy of Malalikap. La version la plus rare de notre VU Taipei.

B面絲絨 封面 瑪拉利卡三部曲 Trilogy of Malalikap2


B-side VU—Trilogy of Malalikap


1部 序曲 Ouverture






2部 戀曲 Suite d’amour




第3部 終曲 Infini 

「但見新人笑,哪聞舊人哭。」――《佳人》 杜甫

「若我們兩人之間,只有一個夢能夠成真,我願意那是你的夢。如此,則我的夢縱然憔悴,滅絕,我也心甘情願。」――(《哀傷紀》 鍾曉陽)









vu 地下絲絨 2015.0310

(Sumika’s favorite photo of Velvet Underground Taipei VU Live House, in 2007)


True" (by Lotte Kestner, from All That You Start B-sides, 2012), is selected by Jobson in his VU Suite created in 2015 (“I’ll Tell You A Story–Suite of Time’s Story“). 

I’ll Tell You A Story– The Velvet Underground Taipei Story

At the very first broadcasting of this new Suite in the website of Velvet Underground Taipei VU Live House, Sumika gave this favorite New Folk VU Suite a name: “I’ll Tell You A Story–Suite of Time’s Story" in her letter to dear Jobson. In 2017, Jobson renamed it as “Wildfire New Folk Suite".

No matter what changed, Sumika cherish all as before, and possess several versions of  Jobson’s work “I’ll Tell You A Story–Suite of Time’s Story" since August 2015…

Sumika, the author of this website, sing for you with her voice pure and sincerely true from deep heart. So please read and listen to The Velvet Underground Taipei Story—a journey she Close to the fire close to the edge. Turn the page to B-side VU— Trilogy of Malalikap.

Remember the days, the happy moments we have loved, Jobson & Sumika.






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