身在福中 Living in happiness (S的第279封信) 31/08/2013

B-side VU—Trilogy of Malalikap 2 Suite d’amour B面絲絨—瑪拉利卡三部曲 第2部 戀曲


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J的第289封信 2013830 下午11:14 收件人:S

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身在福中(S的第279封信)2013年8月31日 上午1:51  收件人:J

Living in happiness (S’s 279th letter) 31/08/2013 AM1:51 addressee: J






















Good & Luck. Right? For you.






Falling Snow ( by American rock band Agalloch, from the album “Ashes Against the Grain”, 2006.)


My sacrifice bids farewell in this river of memory”— Thanks to Agalloch, thanks to dear Jobson

Falling Snow was selected by Jobson in one of his early Gothic Rock Suite: The Suite of Morning Silent—The sky has an answer, (《Morning Silent—The sky has an answer組曲》).It was broadcasted the same week when Sumika wrote the 279th letter to Jobson. The title of this suite was named for the first time by Sumika in 2013, counted by Sumika as the 42nd VU Suite of Jobson’s Works.

In 2017, The Suite of Morning Silent—The sky has an answerwas retouched and renamed by Jobson himself: Gothic Rock Suite 1華麗而黯淡的世界”. Then in 2018, it becomes:”哥德古典搖滾組曲 1 Gothic Rock Suite One 華麗又黯淡的世界”.

42 VU Suite Morning Silent –The Sky Has An Answer 組曲 哥德古典搖滾組曲 Gothic Rock Suite One 華麗又黯淡的世界

Agalloch was formed in 1995, in Portland, USA. Genre: black metal, post-metal, rogressive metal, doom metal , folk metal. They announced their disbandment in 2016. Agalloch is one of Sumika’s favorite black meta, folk metal bands. Several songs of Agalloch were featured by Jobson in different VU Suites. Especially 4 songs from the album “Ashes Against the Grain”, 2006:

  • Our Fortress Is Burning: I (instrumental) & II Bloodbirds → in the 2nd VU Suite of Jobson’s works “Play to The World SuiteLumikuuro”, title named by Sumika in 2012. (=In 2017, retouched and renamed by Jobson himself: Dark Classical Suite IV – Encountering Monster Suite"(《黑暗古典組曲 IV—逢魔時刻物語》), then in 2018, Jobson renamed it: “Encountering Monster Suite—Dark Classical Suite IV”《逢魔時刻物語 —黑闇古典組曲 IV》)
  • Not Unlike The Waves →in the 6th VU Suite of Jobson’s works “Suite of Lingering love, winding tenderly – It’s fine to be here”, title named by Sumika in 2012.《纏綿繞指柔—It’s fine to be here組曲》(=In 2017, Jobson renamed a new version of this VU Suite: ”Dark Classical Rock Suite IV—Magnificence and dim” (《黑暗古典搖滾組曲 IV 華麗又黯淡》) by adding a song “Take a Pebble“. Since 2018, in place of previous name, Jobson renamed it again: ”Dark Classical Rock Suite III—The World of Magnificence and dim” (《黑暗古典搖滾組曲 III 華麗又黯淡的世界》)
  • Falling Snow→in the 42nd VU Suite of Jobson’s works “The Suite of Morning Silent—The Sky Has An Answer”, title named by Sumika in 2013. In 2017, it was retouched and renamed by Jobson himself: Gothic Rock Suite 1 The World of Magnificence and dim”. Then in 2018, it becomes: “Gothic Rock Suite One The World of Magnificence and dim 1” (”哥德古典搖滾組曲 1 Gothic Rock Suite One 華麗又黯淡的世界”).
  • The Hawthorne Passage →in the 21st VU Suite of Jobson’s works “The Suite of Holding On The Soul of Multitude”, title named by Sumika in 2012. 《托住眾生的靈魂組曲》(=since 2016, Jobson retouched this Suite. Yet the title was successively used by Jobson…But this new version is a typical example of the excessive modify of the old version of VU Suites.

2 VU Suite Play to the world – Lumikuuro 組曲 2012版

For Sumika, the old versions of the VU Suites mentioned above are all “Classic VU Suites. In the Recommended List! In this website, except a few cases, almost the VU Suites recommended by Sumika are the old versions with their primitive titles named by Sumika from the beginning, far earlier than The Master Jobson himself.

In fact, the versions of old VU Suites (created before 2016, especially created before 2015) were often retouched and shortened by Jobson since 2016, then renamed by himself. Yet most of the original versions of old VU Suites before 2015 remain until now the better versions. A huge loss for Jobson himself, not only in the spirit of creativity in music, but also in the sensitivity. That can explain why Jobson can’t figure out the differences and ignored the importance of old versions of VU Suites …Many years ago, Sumika has already indicated in several letters to Jobson and tried to advise him to avoid the excessive modify of old versions but in vain…

Sumika的纏綿繞指柔 Jobson的黑暗古典搖滾組曲 III IV 華麗又黯淡 6 VU Suite

At the end of the letter written on 30 Aug. 2013 then sent on 31 Aug. 2013, Sumika told Jobson that when she opened the VU Live House website, the number of the total page view of this web was 528889, feeling lucky, cause Jobson like the number of 888… Yet, the previous number 528888 was appeared three weeks ago, on 4 Aug. 2013, that moment too, Sumika took a picture (see below) of this historical image. In the letter of the same day, Sumika shared with Jobson such lucky little thing.

To love Jobson is to live everything he loves, even the least thing…


(地下絲絨VU Live House Taipei Home Page 首頁 phot: 4 Aug. 2013 by Sumika)

Maybe the website was hacked then but that was not the first time that we could “go back to the past” in such way…

Lacking time and good PC, these pictures of VU Live House Taipei aren’t well done, even a little bit boring. Yet as the time go passing by, all these pictures taken by Sumika are now become precious archives after all.

Let the pictures stay here in this website as another home, as another way to commemorate the existence of the restaurant Velvet Underground Taipei-VU Live House Taipei and its contribution of offering the stage for many young indies rock bands, underground rock bands in Taiwan.

Not only these pictures, but all the words all the images and all the featured songs in this website are special ways to thank Jobson. It’s another way to recall the memories between Jobson and Sumika, those years that the Master Jobson and apprentice Sumika worked together and share with each other, via email, joyfully, to compose suites of musical works and write music review. It’s to remember and to keep in mind the golden age of Jobson & Sumika. And the golden age of VU Suites with them both.

Yes, as to thank to the band Agalloch—who sings “My sacrifice bids farewell in this river of memory, before crossing the river of memory, before passing the Forgetting River, before saying all the farewell, thanks to VU Live House Taipei, thanks to dear Jobson…

Please refer to the articles written by Sumika about this VU Suite in the column of ✺ “Holding on the souls of Multitude—Master Jobson’s VU Suites” (【托住眾生的靈魂—組曲大師Jobson的絲絨組曲】)and Jobson’s article posted in the column of “Essay of Velvet”(【絲絨漫談】)in the official website of Velvet Underground Taipei and the articles posted by Jobson Hiiao in VU Live House Facebook and Jobson Hiiao Facebook.


Master Jobson's VU Suites

My sacrifice bids farewell in this river of memory”— Thanks to Agalloch, thanks to dear Jobson


Agalloch樂團(沉香木樂團)是1995年成軍於美國波特蘭的樂團。由主唱兼吉他手John Haughm和Shane Breyer結集,團名由來是沉香林的樹脂木名(Aquilaria agallocha)。

Agalloch樂團融合了黑金搖滾、前衛金屬、民謠金屬,華麗憂鬱而悠遠的風格,深得Sumika喜愛的樂團。主唱在2016年與其他成員Don Anderson,Jason Walton(又一個Jason!)和Aesop Dekker等人分道揚鑣後,樂團已宣布解散。Falling Snow這首歌出自2006年發行的第三張專輯« Ashes Against the Grain »(力抗微粒的灰燼)專輯。

Falling Snow被台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳VU Live House的負責人Jobson選入一支早期他編製的絲絨組曲,也就是與上述第279封信同時,在2013年第35週播放於地下絲絨官方網站的組曲:《Morning Silent—The sky has an answer組曲》,此名稱為播放當時Sumika所命名的。

後來Sumika將之編號為Jobson的第42支絲絨組曲。2017年,Jobson重新改版、命名為《哥德古典搖滾組曲 1 Gothic Rock Suite 1華麗而黯淡的世界》,翌年又寫成《哥德古典搖滾組曲 One Gothic Rock Suite One 華麗又黯淡的世界》。《Morning Silent—The sky has an answer組曲》其實可視為後者的「原型版本」。

《Morning Silent—The sky has an answer組曲》以2013年版本結構來說,前四首的順序是:Michel De Nostredame –Mistrz Z Salon (Abraxas), Profondo Rosso (Goblin), Falling Snow (Agalloch), Uncertain Lights (Aisles)Sumika認為2014年的版本曲目編排銜接更好,前五首依序是:Michel De Nostredame –Mistrz Z Salon (Abraxas), Profondo Rosso (Goblin)Falling Snow (Agalloch), Valveuni (Kauan), Uncertain Lights (Aisles) 

第三首Falling Snow就是前後呼應的傑出黑金歌曲。至今« Ashes Against the Grain »(力抗微粒的灰燼)專輯依然是評價相當高的黑金專輯。不難理解,包括這首Falling Snow,« Ashes Against the Grain »專輯還有其他三首都被Jobson精選編入不同此類型風格的絲絨組曲 (見後面所附曲目)。

Agalloch樂團另一個更早的« The Mantle»專輯也有一首“The Hawthorne Passage”被Jobson選入絲絨組曲。也是Sumika非常鍾愛的曲子。幾年後Sumika得知,一直聽不出歌曲裡的台詞是哪一種語言,原來包括兩部不同影片,前半的對話:

“Vem är du?" (Who are you? 你是誰?)
“Jag är Döden." (I am Death. 我是死神。)
其實是出自柏格曼的電影《第七封印》(The Seventh Seal)——而這部影片又是早幾年前對Sumika別具意義的電影…。而歌曲後半是出自與超現實主義戲劇同名的1968年西班牙電影« Fando y Lis »(凡多與麗絲)的對白。


特別要指出的是,本網站所指的「經典絲絨組曲」(Classic VU Suites),其實特指早期的原型版本和完整版本,而非2016年以後Jobson過度改版、為縮減長度而縮減後重新命名的後期版本。


托住眾生的靈魂組曲 Jobson's VU Suite 1



  • Our Fortress Is Burning: I (instrumental) & II Bloodbirds→收在第2支絲絨組曲,Sumika在2012年命名的《Play to the world組曲Lumikuuro》(=Jobson在2017年命名的《黑暗古典組曲 IV—逢魔時刻物語》及2018年Jobson再重新命名《逢魔時刻物語 —黑闇古典組曲 IV》的前身、原型版本及完整版本。)
  • Not Unlike The Waves →收在第6支絲絨組曲,Sumika在2012年命名的《纏綿繞指柔組曲—It’s fine to be here》(=2017年Jobson取名為《黑暗古典搖滾組曲IV 華麗又黯淡》的原型版本)
  • The Hawthorne Passage →收在第21支絲絨組曲,Sumika在2012年命名的《托住眾生的靈魂組曲》(=2016年Jobson改版,調整更動很大,但新版本卻沿用Sumika在2012年命名的《托住眾生的靈魂組曲》,其實新舊版本的意境有些差異。2016年12改版播放,將原版本組曲的完整性削弱,甚為可惜。) 
  • Falling Snow →收在第42支絲絨組曲,Sumika在2013年命名的《Morning Silent—The Sky Has An Answer組曲》(=2017年Jobson重新改版重新命名的《哥德古典搖滾組曲 1 Gothic Rock Suite 1華麗而黯淡的世界》,或《哥德古典搖滾組曲 1 Gothic Rock Suite One 華麗又黯淡的世界》的前身、原型版本及完整版本。)



弔詭的是,地下絲絨網站瀏覽總人次,已多次被Sumika發現數字減少。前一個數字528888,其實出現在2013年8月4日當天,被Sumika遇到,還拍下來, Sumika當天寫信時也跟Jobson提到巧遇Jobson最喜歡的888數字…。三個星期之後,瀏覽數字竟又跳回去,因此讓Sumika驚呼,怎麼一打開絲絨網站幾乎又碰到528888這個Lucky number!

To love Jobson, is to love everything he loves, including the least things…



(地下絲絨VU Live House Home Page photo: 30 Aug. 2013, by Sumika)




讓這些照片留存在這個網站【絲絨之問 The Velvet Underground Taipei Story—La version la plus rare de note VU Live House Taipei】,如同這裡是絲絨的另一個家,也是另一種憑弔,紀念台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳的存在與提供搖滾舞台表演機會的貢獻,遙想屬於台北搖滾某一個時代的片段、年輕地下樂團在VU Live House展現青春才華熱情的表演盛況,回憶Jobson與Sumika師徒攜手編組曲寫樂評、兩人熱絡書信分享交心的絲絨組曲黃金時代……

Yes, Thanks to Agalloch—"My sacrifice bids farewell in this river of memory”,一如感謝沉香木樂團——Falling Snow落雪的歌詞為我唱著:「我的犧牲在這條記憶之河永別」,是的,在跨過記憶之河,渡向忘川之前,向一切永別之前,感謝台北地下絲絨VU Live House,感謝親愛的Jobson。



(地下絲絨VU Live House Home Page photo: 20 Aug. 2013 by Sumika )


請參照︰Jobson在他的台北地下絲絨搖滾餐廳 VU Live House Taipei官網【絲絨漫談】單元撰寫和VU Live House地下絲絨 Facebook、Jobson Hiiao Facebook所發表的文章,以及本網站Sumika所寫【托住眾生的靈魂——組曲大師Jobson的絲絨組曲】單元簡介本組曲文章、〈關於【托住眾生的靈魂】〉、【B面絲絨 瑪拉利卡三部曲 第一部序曲 第二部戀曲】等單元。

Agalloch in VU Suites Agalloch 精選 絲絨組曲


絲絨組曲名稱對照—Jobson & Sumika命名對照及Sumika設計的絲絨組曲封面

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